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Enabling Connectivity for The Future:
Revealing the Future of Satellite Phones.

The power of satellite technology is paving the way for tomorrow's connections to light up the world.

Reliable Communication

Satellite connections are a dependable way to communicate with remote locations where other means of communication are unavailable.

Versatile Usage

Satellite connections can be used for internet access, phone communication, and television broadcasting, particularly in rural or isolated areas.

Emergency Communication

Satellite connections are critical in emergencies when other forms of communication are disrupted, aiding in search and rescue operations and disaster response efforts.

Advancing Technology

As satellite technology improves, its use will continue to expand, connecting people worldwide and providing access to essential services and information.

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Thuraya SatTrack for Land is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for land vehicles fitted with the Thuraya T2M-DUAL tracking and monitoring solution.

To- Talk

Managing person-to-person communications is challenging, when your work involves conversations across different communication lines. Around the world, public entities and private user groups such as police, fire brigades, military, ambulances, utilities and NGOs require dedicated communications systems to carry out their day-to-day operations – safely, securely and efficiently.

Sat tracking

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for fishing vessels fitted with the Thuraya MarineStar voice, tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s SeaLite portfolio of narrowband services. SatTrack for Marine facilitates sustainable fishing practices, better crew safety and welfare as well as fleet visibility and management in real time.


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